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How Often Your Golf Course Should Post on Facebook


I’ve noticed a lot of posts on LinkedIn lately on how golf courses should use their Facebook pages to promote their property and bring in customers.

The big question is “how often should I post on Facebook?”

Answers vary. Some throw their hands up and say “it doesn’t matter.” Some thump their chest and say “a MINIMUM of four times per day!” (Way too much!)

While there’s not absolutely correct answer, Facebook has been around long enough and many businesses have used Facebook successfully enough that we have a lot of data to draw on to come up with a good number.

*** There will be a lot of references in this article to studies by leading social media marketing companies. This is the information we draw on to advise our customers on social media marketing for golf clubs. We encourage you to click each link to see for yourself the research on which this article is based. ***

How Often Should You Post?

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s better to post too little than too much. The penalty for not posting frequently enough is just a lack of reach. The penalty for posting too much is more severe.

Posting four or five times per day or more starts to look like spam to your followers. You risk being flagged and unfollowed with a posting frequency that’s too “in your face.” 

Consider that people don’t go to Facebook for the advertising, and (if we’re being honest) your Facebook page posts are advertising your course.

Adam Houlahan recommends a minimum of three times per week and not more than ten times. Never more than twice per day, particularly on weekends. Social media scheduling app Buffer suggests you can post twice per day before comments and likes to your page and content start to drop off, negatively affecting your placement in news feeds.

Marketing and sales giant HubSpot published their findings from a very impressive study of 25,000 posts to Facebook business pages. They found that Facebook posts don’t actually do very well at all. For pages with 100 followers, the first two posts earn an average of one click each. Pages that post more than 10 times per week get about half that amount. Basically, when you post more than twice per day, each following post takes away from the earlier ones.

What Do the Pros Do?

Let’s take a peek at what some of the top online marketing companies do

Check out HubSpot’s Facebook page and you’ll see they post an average of twice per day.

A quick look at the Facebook page of Single Grain, a digital marketing company that helps businesses grow revenue online, shows they appear to employ a twice-a-day schedule.

Neil Patel is an internet marketing guru with 919,000+ likes on Facebook… and he also sticks closely to a twice-a-day posting policy.

Our Best Advice

Post once or twice per day. No more. And don’t post more than 8-10 times per week. We make this recommendation because Facebook wants to make sure their customers get relevant, quality content in their news feeds and they have an algorithm that suppresses content that appears to be spam.

Our suggested posting frequency will help you maximize your reach without wasting your time and effort on excess posts.

Why Post to Facebook At All?

You read earlier that Facebook posts only get about one click for pages with at least 100 followers.

So why post at all?

If you don’t post, nobody will see it. Obvious, I know. Facebook does have value, even if you’re not getting a lot of likes, comments, and shares from your posts. And the only way you’ll ever have a post go viral is if you post in the first place.

A Facebook page looks professional. Many people use Facebook to search golf courses and find out more about them. That’s why it’s important to post regularly and to have a well-kept Facebook page.

Facebook Ads are among the highest ROI online and boosting posts gives you access to more followers and more eyeballs, especially if you use a retargeting strategy.

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